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The Justice Series, what's its all about?

Hello, well I am happy to finally have a website and a voice, and it feels such a relief to finally  have released the first in the series "Just Tell Me". I think I lost a part of my soul writing that  book! it took over my life. Nicole and Daniel have become real people to me, and  I even find myself using phrases they do in everyday life. I have become a little like my characters. Apart from the alcohol dependency and emotional depression. I am inspired by Catherine Cookson, her ability to pick out real, gritty characteristics in human nature and turn them into decent people.

So what is  the Justice series about? I can tell you what it isn't, it is not another fluffy  chick lit. There are some wine (well actually Prosecco) fuelled nights with the  girls, but these three friends have an edge.  I have explored romance with a dark side, the soul destroying feeling of heartbreak and betrayal.  Real people, with their flaws and insecurities. Writing about these people, these emotions, one cannot help but get wrapped up in the feelings.  I felt the fear and sadness as much as the love and happiness.  Almost as though I was being guided by someone else, if that makes any sense.  If it doesn't, well clearly I'm just insane! I can live with that.

So you know about Nicole, but what about Anna Morgan.  Well, she is the worst type of hard hitting  financial expert, if you have worked in the corporate world you have met her at  some point. "Just Dance With Me" tells how she falls in love with the poor  innocent FD Edward Wright.

Libby is a travel weary consultant who has  seen the dark side of the world, and her story is discovered in the third of the  series "Just Be With Me".

What about the unique and slightly crazy "Server Room Seduction"?  well it's more than just an erotic book, I like to think so anyway.  It combines everything hard hitting about the Justice series into a short novel or a 'novella'.  I cannot wait to get some feedback on this story, especially from anyone working in IT!..... 

The next in the series, well thats about my poor  mother. It deserves a whole new blog, in fact no, a whole website to tell her  story.